Our Story

Favoured-Men was formed by a group of People with diverse professional Backgrounds residing in Austria, who are determined to showcase our rich Heritage here in Austria by actually living it.

Our Mission

Our Mission as Organisation is helping the Needy both here in Austria as well as in Africa; it will also serve as an advisory Point for new Comers in Austria, who wish to lead a peaceful Life in Austria. Our intention in this regard, is to facilitate the speedy Integration of the newly arrived in the host Community through cultural Exchange. We intend to achieve as end Result a successful integration of People of African-descent in the host Community, thereby increasing their Chances of being Successful in their chosen Endeavours, which in turn benefits the host Community.

About Favoured Men ngo website NGO Afrika (Favoured Men) NGO österreich (Favoured Men) _ Story & Mission
About Favoured Men ngo website NGO Afrika (Favoured Men) NGO österreich (Favoured Men) _ Vision & organization Values

Oragnization Vision

As future Plans: we aim at working with the Authorities and charity Organisations both locally and internationally by offering Assistance in Community Services that will benefit the larger Public. These will include Workshops that are aimed at fighting against any form Racism and/or Discrimination and the Empowerment of the Immigrants through skill Acquisitions.

Our Value

Our core Values are the respect for Humans no matter their Origins, equal Opportunity and Justice for all without regard to the colour of their Skin. Integrity of both Members of the Organisation, Hard-work and Transparency would be the Principle upon which the organisation “Favoured-Men” would be propelled.

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